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When I ask my students what it would look like to live an extraordinary life, they tell me: finding the right romantic relationship, having an overflowing bank account, working in a job that has great meaning, or the return of excellent health.

And when I dig deeper and ask them: Why is a healthy life important? What would a new romantic relationship bring? How would you benefit from a meaningful career? The answer is always the same: “I’d be happy. I’d stop worrying. I’d be at peace.”

When I then inquire, can you be happy and have peace without your situations changing? they look at me with a puzzled response and usually become quiet.

Long-Term Peace

When I share that long-term peace, happiness, and abundance do not come only from a shift in their external circumstances but can indeed be acquired though altering the frequency of their responses in the small—as well as in the large—moments of their life, most are in disbelief.

I then explain how consciously choosing kindness, compassion, and grace as your reply to daily frustrations and to life’s difficulties is what truly enables you to experience peace. While most people agree that walking through life with a positive attitude is helpful, what they miss is how important their moment-to-moment responses to chaos actually are.

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Think about the seemingly never-ending frustrations in your life. Is it the scooped subway seat when you are bone tired, or the never-ending traffic jams and the negative vibes you feel on the highways on your way to work? Or maybe it’s the person in the “8 Items or Less” line at the grocery store with the overflowing shopping cart when you are running late.

Perhaps you are tired of always struggling to pay your bills, and/or going home to a partner who never seems to talk to you anymore. Then there is our world of divisive politics, tremendous poverty, hatred, and injustice, which seem to be endless.

Pick any piece of chaos. It does not matter which you choose; none of them truly represent your short- or long-term peace, for your peace truly lies in the frequency of your response to each one of these difficult situations.

You can’t fix the traffic, your partner, the subway seat scooper, or the fast middle finger in the left-hand lane. You can, however, view and use each and every one of these situations as a transformational tool as you learn to choose a response that leaves you at peace and doesn’t fuel the situation with even more low frequency.

I’d like to show you, now, how easily you can release low-frequency vibrations from an ordinary or even difficult day.

Nighttime Review

I’m sharing with you a practice to use that will help you review your day and give you the opportunity to get into the habit of neutralizing any low frequency that you’ve created due to your actions, words, or emotions that truly don’t serve you or others. It is extremely helpful, as it neutralizes any vibration that you created that you might have missed throughout the day.

PRACTICE: Evening Scan

Prepare for bed, and as you’re lying down and relaxing, begin to review your day. Start with the morning and allow each experience to pop up. Go through the day trusting that whatever experience is supposed to appear will do so.

As you view each situation, note where you were in alignment with your highest frequency and where you were not. Just notice, not allowing yourself to be in judgment of others or yourself or energetically charged in any way by what you see.

Remain completely neutral during this review. When you feel this part of the practice is complete, ask the Universe to neutralize and then release any low frequency that you created due to your thoughts, actions, or words that did not serve.

When that piece is complete, begin to visualize the moments of your day that brought you delight.

Was it the door that was held for you? The conversation with a favorite neighbor? Or perhaps it was the sunset you witnessed that took your breath away? Whatever your small or large joys were, see each one and feel them again, completely.

Then bless yourself and bless the day.

Finally, become present to your state.

Are you feeling more relaxed? More at ease? Most people report that their anxiety releases and their frustration slips away. This occurs as you have actively chosen to shift frequencies and have brought in the energy of peace.

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